Canoeing and Kayaking on : South Drain

Paddle Point

The old Glastonbury to Highbridge canal, now known as South Drain, which has a constant level of flat water, which is ideal for beginners. It does get windy along here though, with the wind usually coming from the West. You can park right by the water, and there is a stansion in the water to wedge your boat in for added stability when launching or landing. You can go either way. West is one and three quarter hours to Gold Corner pumping Station where you'll have to turn around, or East takes you about one and a quarter hours before turning round. This passes through some great Nature Reserve (Former peat workings) where many rare birds are now seen. Flat and fairly straight waterway. Cafe 100 yards along the road. At the first road bridge East is The Railway Inn. A great pub!!

This is on the Shapwick to Westhay road (un-named) and there is free parking right by the river, both sides of the road. The parking can be very busy from October to February due to lots of bird watchers going to watch the starlings doing their murmurations, mostly early mornings and early evenings. (Dawn and dusk)