Canoeing and Kayaking on : The Fleet

Paddle Point
Weymouth, Dorset, UK

Nice stretch of water, this is the only point I have found where you can launch into the water.

Main point with here is, watch the tide times, at the point of low tide switching to high tide the current can be strong, but apart from that you can have a good paddle here!

I have not paddled here but would expect the opposite to be true ie the tide switching from high to low would create a strong current NOT the other way around. And what a pity you didn't say exactly WHERE you can launch!
Entry point here is at the southern end of Camp Road in Wyke Regis, Weymouth. Access to the river is not easy, but is possible. You will most likely get wet when launching and recovering your vessel.

It is a body of water that is strongly influenced by the tides that run around Weymouth Bay and Portland. Such is the effect of the tides in the area, anyone navigating this stretch of water or those around Portland should invest in their copy of the Tidal Flows booklet, available from most chandlers in the area and all good watersports shops. I picked up my copy from the watersports shop halfway down Portland Road in Wyke Regis. I probably shouldn't say the name of the shop here, but there are 108 properties on the road before you reach this one.

As you return south west from the higher stretches of The Fleet, you may find that you are battling the tide as the water narrows by the army camp launch points. It's like being on a treadmill set at full pelt.

The body of water in known as "The Fleet", a salt water area that runs from Abbotsbury at the north west end, through to where it empties into Portland Harbour. It was the location that was used to test the release mechanism on the bombers used by the Dam Busters for the release of the Bouncing Bombs developed by Barnes Wallace. The test aircraft were stationed at RAF Warmwell.
Paddle Point
Chickerell, Dorset, UK

Look for the red flags - if they are flying then the range is active. You may be prevented from paddling north west up the Fleet lagoon. The footpaths are blocked to the seaward side of the range and access denied. I would not paddle past the range when the flags are flying!