Canoeing and Kayaking on : Loch Tay

Paddle Point

Easy parking for 3-5 cars on loch edge, or 20m down road in trees, or 200m down road at cemetery for 20+ cars.
Car to waters edge is about 10m.
Shallow water from here to island, with sandy beaches and lovely views.
Big open fetch however, so be aware of wind and waves.

Paddle Point

Roadside parking for upto 4 cars.
Waters edge is 20m away down slight bank.
Can get very busy with loch-shore campers, a very popular spot.
Camping is possible.

Paddle Point
Killin, Stirling FK21, UK

Access with permission from the car park of the Killin Hotel into the river Lochay for a short easy paddle down to the loch itself.

Please don't leave cars here unless given specific permission to do so. Plenty of parking in Killin itself, a short walk away.

Please access here after speaking to local outdoor shop. The Killin Angling club own access, and the outdoor shop manage this for them. A donation to angling club funds is appreciated.
Parking for many vehicles, including overnight, is available over the road in the McClaren hall carpark.
A family friendly trip can be had down the flat river to the islands at the head of the loch, for superb views, a sandy beach and shallow water and islands to explore. Middle island can be camped on, with superb hidden camp spot with fire barrel in place. :)
Paddle Point

Access from stony beach by layby.