Canoeing and Kayaking on : Chichester Harbour Creeks

Chichester Harbour is an excellent place on the south coast to go canoeing. There are various arms, or creeks, which you can explore by kayak or canoe, and numerous places to launch from.

Before paddling you should be aware of the tides, which can move rapidly, and the wind, which can make paddling different and waves large. You also need to be aware of and avoid the boat traffic which can be moving faster than you think. The entrance channel has a very fast running tide race, so should be avoided by all except experienced canoeists. However, the top end of the creeks above Itchenor and near Bosham are more sheltered.

There is much birdlife to see, and if you're lucky you will see seals too.

Paddle Point

Put in from slipway/beach at West Itchenor. Harbour fees apply (quite cheap - 4/9/12 = £3.80 for 16' open canoe) - the office is just by the end of the road. There is no parking here, but you can drop off and then park in the village car park about 5 minutes walk away. You can pay for the car park at the same time as the Harbour fees, which saves having to find change.

West Itchenor Hard