Canoeing and Kayaking on : River Hamble

The Hamble estuary is a particularly nice place to go canoeing in Hampshire. The section upstream from Swanwick is very pleasant and rural, with plenty of birdlife, and there are two particularly lovely creeks to explore at high tide, where only canoes can easily go.

A little caution is required, as the tidal currents can be strong, particularly near the road and rail bridges where there are many moored and moving boats for canoes and kayaks to avoid too. Like any open water, the Hamble is exposed to wind, and not a place for canoeing on a windy day.

Paddle Point

Blue - upstream
Yellow - creeks
Red - return

A there and back paddle on the tidal waters of the Hamble.
You need the tide to be high to get all the way up both creeks, so you need to start from Swanwick Hard a few hours before high tide.
This means launching into a fairly strong incoming tide, so be careful amongst the moored yachts of this busy river, as you will have to anticipate the flow.

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Paddle Point
1 Chome-11 Kamifukubara, Yonago-shi, Tottori-ken 683-0004, Japan

Paddle Point
Botley, Southampton, Hampshire SO30, UK

Great launch point. Limited roadside parking. Most kayaks/canoes should squeeze through the gate otherwise it's a case of lifting over it. Grassed area with benches - good as a halfway point pic-nic area. AWP.
Paddle Point

Very nice pub at a good mid point of nice paddle. Need to watch tide as the river drains very quickly aty this point. Not a place to have an extra pint, by the time youre finished there will only be a trickle in the river.

Very sludgy return if the beer tempts you to stay too long! Jetty fine near HW
REALLY good place as midpoint 'out and back' from any of the Hamble launches (eg a gentle hour and a bit kayak from Swanwick (public launch and free parking!)) OR given there is the double high-tide on the Hamble, the Horse and Jockey is a good place to park up with family have some food and a drink, then do a shorter 'out and back' from here - most days, the tide is above 3.85m for 3 or more hours, and that's plenty to launch and land in. Landlord and staff at pub are nice people.
Paddle Point
1 Chome-11 Kamifukubara, Yonago-shi, Tottori-ken 683-0004, Japan

Put in from slipway by car park on Swanwick Shore Road. Can be busy.
The Hamble is tidal & very fast. Check tide times. Care is needed when paddling between the rather expensive moored yachts round here, as the water may be moving faster than you think.

Paddle Point
Bursledon, Southampton, Hampshire SO31, UK

Paddle Point updated to a Play Spot - please give details.
Paddle Point
Hamble-le-Rice, Hampshire SO31, UK

large pay and display car park, public toilets.

Paddle Point
Warsash, Southampton, Hampshire SO31, UK