Canoeing and Kayaking on : River Teith

Paddle Point

Possible get out for a shorter trip than Deanston. Quite hard to spot from the river so worth finding from the layby (with burger van) before setting out.

New steps added here so slightly easier. A little tricky to spot though.
Paddle Point

Tricky in high water, a walk in low conditions.

Paddle Point

Although a bit of a long walk, it is a flat and surfaced track all the way from the carpark at the castle.
The castle carpark is normally for those paying to visit the castle, however it is free out of hours and season.
A great spot for a picnic, possibly a nice camp as well.

Paddle Point
Callander, Stirling FK17, UK

Meadows car park in Callendar, pay and display, is the best place to access the Gd2 run down the Teith. There is a largish area of flat water here which is nice for a float on a sunny day (as long as you don't mind tourists and ducks).

Paddle Point

A nice bouncy Gd2 down the left hand side, the highlight of the river for most. Stopper on right at higher flows.

Paddle Point

If anyone is continuing down the Leny to the car park at Callander or indeed starting a run on the Teith at the Lade Inn put in be aware that there are trees right across the river width at Sheet 57 grid 617078. It is a difficult corner to get out in a hurry and you are on the trees very quickly and if the level is high they are a potential killer

Spotted on http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?38495-River-Leny-Tieth-tree-hazard

More information may be available on the Song of the Paddle thread above