Canoeing and Kayaking on : Afon Grwyne Fawr

The Grwyne Fawr is a small steep spate river in the Black Mountains which is a good place for whitewater kayaking or canoeing. This is especially true when the Usk, Monnow or Wye are too high for safe paddling.

Most of the river is Grade 3 with a couple of sections which approach Grade 4.

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Paddle Point

Parking at the car park, you can then put in to the river anywhere from just below the dam back down to the car park, depending how far you want to carry.

The river is a spate stream. Probably averages GIII, but can be much harder in high levels.

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There are sections just above the car park that can be suitable for more inexperienced paddlers just to play on.

The level drops more quickly after rain. We went there after discovering the Monnow was in flood, and it was fine for playing about a bit, but had become too shallow (for opens) a few hours later.