Canoeing and Kayaking on : River Erme

Paddle Point
Holbeton, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Paying carpark 200yrds up hill with tearoom or out of season park on road. I drive down to the bottom of the hill and drop the gear by a short track to the beach before parking in the huge manned car park. Beautiful place, acres of sand rather than mud. Paddle several miles upriver on a rising tide or play in the surf in the river's mouth. Tea room is the old school house. Car park is expensive for short stay but good value if staying for a few hours.

Paddle Point

Beautiful sandy estuary beach, vast at low tide. Reached down a long narrow lane, limited on road parking and gets busy in summer. Beach is short walk poss 30m from parking. Stunning estuary you can go up stream or surf the river mouth. Popular with paddle boarders.

Beautiful Estuary indeed but beware spring tides. It fills up and empties out a lot at high tide point as the water spills over large mudflats upstream. so you may think you would have an easy paddle back, say 1/2 an hour before high tide, but current gets very strong then. Also slipway gets submerged at base with big high tides and swell comes straight in from sea if wind S or SW, so then a big swell makes for a tricky landing - only for the adventurous then. Apart from this a benign and beautiful paddle.