River Taf  
General Information
Paddle Points

Aberfan access point

Access via lane to rear of Nixonville launch just upstream of footbridge. parking on Nixonville itself

Strainer river right

A large beech tree has come down from the right bank approx 100 metres downstream of the taff trail tramroad bridge.

It goes 2/3rds of the width of the river from right bank, at low water levels it is possible to pass under it but at higher levels there will be a significant hazard of entrapment

broken wier under A472 bridge

Broken stone weir

Abercynon Gauging weir launch

Taff Launch at Abercynon gauging weir,

Launch either above or below weir off concrete plinth.

Boats can be lowered by rope down the embankment from the road above, there are steps down for people.

Access is off the B4275 drive up beside the fire station and council depot until you are under the A470 bridge and park in lay by

Abercynon station park and ride car park

A useful car park for a large group launching at the gauging weir

You can also launch below the access bridge but the bank is very steep

white bridge falls

An approx 3Metre drop either as a single drop centre of river or 3 smaller drops river left.

can be relatively easily portaged river right or lined river left

Tree across river

A large tree ha come down ans is jammed between the old tramway bridge pillars, resulting in a full river width strainer in the outflow chute from "White Bridge Falls"

Gauging weir pontypridd

A very steep faced gauging weir with a very strong tow-back even at low water levels,

it can be safely portaged either side, although if you wish to avoid local youth trouble portage river right

pontypridd exit above treforest weir

This is the last safe exit prior to Treforest weir (see paddle point for further information

Treforest weir

This is a vertical 5 metre high weir with Concrete walls to the river bank for approx 400 metres upstream it is therefore best to exit at the road bridge ST 084 893 and check route,

If flow rates are low it is possible to paddle right to the weir edge exit river left behind flats and portage to the launch below the weir river right by crossing the old bridge (now pedestrianised)

Taff launch at Treforest civic amenity site

An alternative to the Greggs launch, this site is less contentious with more unrestricted parking

Llandaff wier

large weir portage left at fish ladder.

Beware if running there are large metal rods protruding from the bottom of weir

do a good visual inspection from the bottom of the weir first.


A very flat concrete weir with an anti scour lip at bottom.

Portage right under footbridge pillar