River Trent  
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Tree blocking river

There is a tree completely across the river at this point. It is passable but with great care, there is no easy portage as the banks are steep and muddy. This may be easier at lower water levels.

Hoomill Weir

Broken weir with large boulders.

Low Bridge

This bridge becomes impassable in high water. The get out is either a scramble across a muddy bank up onto the racecourse and then up to the canal or a climb over a dangerous spiked fence into the local factory car park. Beware if you intend to do this section when the river is high.


Easy weir


Beach launch site, easy paddle down Trent, few tree obsticles great easy summer paddle.

Shugborough Park

NB this is a National Trust Park - lermission to launch needs to be obtained.

Ideal Launch Spot

on the main road theres a pull in . carry kayaks over the narrow bridge and enter river on the right side

River Trent

Great set in, either side of river, farmers field or pub car park, a great loop down the Trent and back up the canal, loads of pubs along canal route

Access to and from river Trent

Access to river Trent

Access to and from the River Trent from here by way of pedestrian passage under the railway, then bridge over the river.

The Crown Inn

The Crown Inn

24 The Green, Handsacre, Rugeley, United Kingdom

01543 490003


Kayak/Canoe gate

Kayak/Canoe gate in the barrier protecting narrowboats from the weir.


Large Weir .Easy pass .

Small beach near weir

Willowbrook campsite

Quiet camping spot owned by a lovely old bloke. Water, toilets and showers (shower takes coins- can't remember if it's 20p or 50p pieces). Look for get out points on river right, a few dodgy stone steps up a steep bank. Road access from A38, exit is onto the farm after Hi- range 4x4. No slip road so slow down and stay left when you see Hi Range. To book call 01283 790217 and be patient as the old chap is a little hard of hearing!

Caravans, campervans and tents. Electric hookup available.

Barcombe Mills

Large gravel car park with grass overflow.

Height barrier but OK for car with canoe on roof. A couple of on road spaces nearby for overheight vehicles.

Walton upon Trent

Small car park by the bridge and short (and steep) path to river.

Egress near riverside inn

Egress directly onto public footpath, across small footbridge and around to the left to stay on public right of way to Warren lane cul-de-sac. (may be able to land in beer garden and park in pub with permission for a shorter carry, new height barriers installed 2018 approx 2.2m)

Riverside Inn, Branston

Chef and brewer pub, serves food. Have used as an egress with permission. In open boats it's easiest to post boats through the railings on the ramp to access car park. New height barrier installed in car park early 2018 (think it was 2.2m?)

Put-in. Near Waterside Rd. Stapenhill

Car park at the back of tesco

You can park here to access the river, or if the grounds good, fishermen often park closer, alongside the brook

Regatta launch point

There is a couple of launch points (on either side of the ferry bridge, this is where the regatta takes place every year.

It's accessible from the car park round the back of tesco

Playground parking

Small but handy car park, and its free

Duck/swan feeding steps

You can easily access the water from here with light weight craft, parking can be found by the play area, a short walk away.

Burton Weir

Shoot weir anywhere or portage left over stone wall. Danger of pinning at strong flow.

Newton Road Car Park

Free public car park with height restriction. Access from grassy river bank from car park.

Car park

This is the car park used by the playing fields, and the club

Burton Canoe club

Flour Mill

This weir is best avoided. Usually too dry in low levels and a bad stopper in high levels. Awkward portage.

Newton Solney - Trent Lane

Put in from a nice grassy area down the bumpy Trent Lane from the village. Probably best to park considerately back in the village after dropping off canoes.

Willington Bridge

A small garden with an information board leads down to the water just upstream of the bridge on the Willington side of the river.

A lay by and car park (watch the restricted height entrance) is located 100yds back from the bridge.

Anchor Church Caves

A small sandstone outcrop, originally worn by water, has been extended by man over the centuries. An interesting place to visit, it sits on an offshoot of the Trent that is presumably part of an old meander, accessed by ducking under a very low concrete bridge!

Swarkstone Bridge

There are a couple of unofficial lay-bys to park in right by the river.

Swarkestone weir

Small weir immediately after bridge, best flow is generally under the right hand arch which is often a nice tongue onto a wave train. Not massively exciting but the first bit of flow after a long gentle stretch can take you by surprise, or the shallows under the middle arch could ground out a loaded canoe in summer levels.

Broken Weir

Weir can be run at any level, fun eddylines, small standing wave when trent is running high (washes out in flood). Can be accessed via Kings Mills lane Weston on trent - parking on narrow lane for a couple of cars as long as there aren't too many fishermen. no acces via the Priest house on the Castle Donnington side

Shardlow Marina Smithy's Bar Car Park

For patrons of the bar

Shardlow Marina

Trent Lock

Public Car Park access to Rivers Trent, Soar and Erewash Canal, a 100m journey or so to water, so a trolley or strong arms may be required.

Trent Lock Pub

The Bliss Trail (East Midlands Region)

The Bliss Canoe Trail

"The longest round tour possible" 862.25 miles 1388km a circumnavigation of England by Inland Waterways.

From Canoe by William Bliss published in 1934

The trail is divided into regional sections with the aspiration that each RDT will facilitate and publish an annual opportunity for paddlers to complete their section of the tour.

This section of the trail has been adopted by HPP and Nottingham Canoe Club who will offer annually a tour on the section

Erewash Canal and River Trent Launch

There a few options to get onto the water here, but good concrete edge to enter from as long as not lots of moored narrowboats.

Trent Lock Weir

Avoidable using the canal bypass to the other side



Beeston Weir

Stepped weir. Portage on river left. Access back down into river via concrete ramp.

(Edited by BC_BenSeal)

Nottingham Embankment

Several hundred meters along Trent of concrete steps lowering to trents waters edge, lots of parking a short trip over grass bank to waters edge, watch out for the Canadian Geese though !

Meadow Lane Lock

Connects the Nottingham Canal to the River Trent

Nottingham Kayak Club

Holme Pierrepont - River

Just along from the National Water Sports Centre. Parking available right by the access point.

Day 4 Bliss Expedition

Finish Day 4 Bliss Trail Expedition

National Water Sports Centre

Holme Pierrepont


Nottinghamshire (Browse area)

NG12 2LU See Map

Tel: 0115 9824721

Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club

Friendly club catering for all ages in: slalom, white water, recreational/touring.

Holme Pierrepont - Rapids

Part of the National Water Sports Centre in Nottinghamshire

Holme Pierpoint Lock

Stoke Bardolph Lock

It's a fairly long portage. You will need to get out on the first jetty/pontoon and then walk up the ramp and along past the lock (felt like ages!) and then down to the other side. We did it late at night and was very tired. If we do this again during the day, we might try to sweet talk the lock master on the VHF and hopefully they will let us go down the loch with other traffic.

Stoke Lane

Roadside parking is next to the river making for a nice quick put in.

Gunthorpe Riverside

Good access although slipway is actually for the ski club. The carpark belongs to the Unicorn hotel, so you should ask in there out of courtesy.

Ski club contact : Bob Gamble 0793 506755


Gunthorpe Lock

Parking is west of the lock outside the Bistro - might also be pay-and-display now.

Hazleford Weir

Hazleford Lock

Hazleford Lock Launch

Canal & River Trust Car Park - looks like its open all the time. Launch to the left hand side when looking at the lock from the car park.

Farndon Riverside

Public carpark.

There are two slipways here, one belongs to the pub, and although there is a sign saying there is a charge, they have never charged me. Always polite to buy a drink though.

Not sure who owns the other one. There is sometimes a fisherman on it but they have always seemed friendly.

The Riverside Pub and Kitchen

North End, Farndon, Nr Newark, NG24 3SX

Telephone 01636 710990


Averham Weir

It has been reported that the The fishing rights on both banks of the river below the weir at Averham are owned by The Nottingham Piscatorial Society and as such any person travelling (or paddling in this case) on the river is deemed to be trespassing.

Lots of boulders in this weir

Kelham Branch of the Trent

It has been reported that the The fishing rights on both banks of the river below the weir at Averham are owned by The Nottingham Piscatorial Society and as such any person travelling (or paddling in this case) on the river is deemed to be trespassing.

This section of the Trent is undredged and natural. Plenty of birds, many kingfishers seen on this section. The river winds round Averham, Kelham avoiding the Newark Navigation area. Rejoins the main part of Trent North of Newark.

Kelham Hall Camp Site

Lovely little campsite with friendly staff. We confirmed with the estates manager that as long as you are camping and don't annoy the fishermen you can launch or land here at any time of the year.


Kelham Hall Launches

22 fishing spots that you can launch or land at as long as you are camping at the site and don't annoy the fishermen.

Launch near Newark Weir

If the drop is too high, you can go through the white gate shown and find an easier launch.

Newark Weir Parking

Small area for 4 or 5 cars.


Opposite appartments, so show consideration to locals by changing discreetly.

Tolney Lane Car Park

Pay and display

2.3m height restriction

Newark Town Lock

Newark Riverside

There is a canoe access point just downstream of the lock - between the lock and the castle.

Parking is over the grass area.



There is a lock here, but hard to portage. Best to use the weir stream.

Weir Portage


Cromwell Lock

North of this lock, the River Trent is tidal.

Cromwell Weir

Cromwell weir passes to the side of the lock protected by a safety boom. This was the site of a tragedy in 1975 when 10 members of the parachute squadron of the Royal Engineers lost their lives whilst taking part in a training exercise. There is a memorial to those that lost their lives near to the lock site. Taken from http://www.trentvale.co.uk/activities/view/boating/

Day 5 Bliss Trail Expedition

Finish for Day 5 Bliss Trail Expedition

Burton Stather WWII Tank Ramp

The Slipway or ‘Tank Ramp’ as it is known locally lies north of the village of Burton Stather on the eastern bank of the River Trent immediately below the steep escarpment that forms the northern end of the Lincoln Edge. It was built at the beginning of WWII by the 79th Armoured Division of Royal Engineers and saw military use until around 1948. It primary purpose was for secret testing of amphibious craft and associated ancillaries, many of them prototypes, prior to their use in conflict (or as often happened, abandoned as examples of how not to do it!). For more information see http://www.burtonstatherheritage.org/