River Beaulieu
Now plotted : River Beaulieu
River Ancholme
Now plotted - River Ancholme
River Great Ouse and River Cam

The project continues - The Great River Ouse is now plotted. This was a big one - over 140 miles long.

Also the River Cam

River Tweed Plotted

The River Tweed is now plotted with Mile Markers.

View here

Quick Links

New - Quick Links

Open a Paddle Point, choose Create Quick Link

This will then appear in your Quick Links list (on the map toolbar) so you can jump to your favourite places real quick.

Have as many Quick Links as you like.

More Rivers and Canals plotted

More rivers and canals are now plotted - all with mile markers.

  • Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal
  • Birmingham and Wolverhampton Canal
  • Oxford Canal
  • The mighty Grand Union Canal and all its arms including Regents Canal
  • River Sour
  • River Torridge
  • River Lugg
  • River Ouse (York)
  • River Ure

More to follow.......

Mile Markers along Plotted Rivers

Mile Markers have been added along the plotted rivers, so now you don't need to go through the route planning/drawing phase to get a rough idea of how far it is between two points.

To view these, open the map, open Plotted Rivers from the toolbar, and choose your river/canal.

They will not show if zoomed out too far as it would just be a mass of yellow. Zoom in and they will appear

More rivers/canals now plotted :

  • Manchester Ship Canal
  • River Weaver
  • Shropshire Union Canal (including Middlewich Branch)
  • Llangollen Canal (branch of the Shropshire Union)
The Trent and Mersey Canal

The Trent and Mersey Canal is now plotted on Paddle Points including tunnel indication.

93.5 miles long

Image shows the Barnton and Saltersford tunnels

Plotted Rivers and Canals

Paddlepoints has a new feature we have called Plotted Rivers. We are in the process of plotting all the major rivers and canals (initially in the UK) from source. Not only is this actually quite interesting to see where rivers start (even if they are not navigable at this point), but it also enables us to provide a useful tool in route planning/recording.

You can see which rivers have been plotted on the home page, or if on the map, open the Plotted Rivers, and you can switch multiple rivers on.

You can then use the new Auto-Route feature to plan your routes - watch the video to see how this works.

If you would like your favourite river or canal plotted, let us know and we can move it up the list....

Search by OS Grid Reference

When searching for a location on the map, you have always been able to enter a postcode, or town, but now you can enter an OS Grid Ref too.

For example, Holme Pierrepont is SK608389

This can either be entered in the search box, or added to a url such as this :


Postcodes and OS Grod References

You may have noticed, when viewing Paddlepoints, we are now calculating the nearest postcode and OS grid ref (UK only).

The postcode should only be used as a guide though, as most Paddlepoints do not have postal addresses, but it can be useful when getting to the area or carpark for a paddle.

The OS grid ref though is bang on!!

Paddlepoints has had an upgrade.....

Paddlepoints has had a complete rewrite which paves the way for many new features. The new version should be quicker and more responsive to different screen sizes.

A few immediate changes.....

  • Easier to see and change features of a Paddlepoint, eg, parking, refreshments, playspots, and now toilets - Paddlepoints / Piddlepoints!
  • We now link directly to the Environment Agency River Levels and when viewing Paddlepoints, if there are any River Monitoring Stations nearby, the level will be displayed. Clicking on it will give full details including a historical chart.
  • Your Account area will show any Personal Information Markers (PIMS) which you can view and edit. You can also view all Paddlepoints within your PIMS and view any changes that have been made. Your routes can also be viewed here.

Now the system has been transferred, we will start to release new features which we have been working on.