Where paddlers paddle
Photo by : Mal Grey

Based on a Google Map, Paddlepoints will show you exactly where other paddlers paddle. Not just Launch Points though: Routes, weirs, play spots, locks, river levels, slalom, rapids, canoe clubs, parking, pubs, cafes, tide times, canoe shops, campsites, hostels - everything a canoeist or kayaker needs!

Our new Blog will keep you up to date on the new updates within PaddlePoints.

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Contribute. Create an account (its free) and contribute yourself by adding your own paddle locations, routes, hazards or comment on other people's.

Plotted Rivers

Paddlepoints has a new feature we have called Plotted Rivers. We are in the process of plotting all the major rivers and canals (initially in the UK) from source. Not only is this actually quite interestingly

to see where rivers start (even if they are not navigable at this point), but it also enables us to provide a useful tool in route planning/recording.

You can see which rivers have been plotted below, or on the map, open the Plotted Rivers, and you can switch multiple rivers on.

You can then use the new Auto-Route feature to plan your routes - watch the video.

Paddle Safely

Be prepared and take the right kit:

  • Wear a correctly sized buoyancy aid
  • Mobile phone in a waterproof case
  • Whistle - to attract attention in case of an emergency
  • Map and/or route description
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and spares in a dry bag
  • Food, drink and suncream

Paddle Responsibly

Respect the environment and other users:

  • Respect other waterway users including people fishing
  • Be environmentally aware, minimise your impact
  • Ensure you have correct license if required
  • Observe navigational rules - keep right and give other users space

Information entered on Paddle Points is done so by the paddling community and does not necessarily mean that there is a right to access at that Paddle Point. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they are not trespassing on private land, and Paddle Points can take no responsibility for any conflict or disagreement arising from use of information displayed on Paddle Points. Read full Terms of Use

Also, you must be aware of your own limits. What one paddler considers safe, may not be safe for another.